Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Tradition

As a munchkin, it was my family's tradition to make pancakes on Sunday morning.  Being lazy, I don't make pancakes very often.  The last time I can remember making them was before I moved to Texas over nine years ago! 

Today, that changed.

Oh, delicious diet-cancelling pancakes, how I admire you.  Dripping with syrup and eaten whole ( with unfortunately crispy sausage), you made my morning.  The picky man even ate them and the horribly crispy sausage!

Did you know that the serving size for maple syrup is 1/4 cup?!  I can feel my arteries crying from here.

While I was charcoaling cooking the sausage, I found something that we picked up at the store yesterday and decided to put it up. 

Yes, its a dishwasher indicator.  Since I rinse all my dishes nearly clean before putting them in the dishwasher the man can never tell when they are clean or dirty.  I have been looking for one of these and only struck gold yesterday at the grocery store.

Unfortunately, the dishwasher is NOT magnetic.  So I had to improvise. 

Yes, its on my microwave.  The man doesn't see the problem with this.  I tried to explain and he laughed at me.  Ladies, you agree with me- everyone is going to think my microwave is dirty!

Oh well, at least I can disprove that theory by making them open it.  And we won't have any more "What do you mean they were dirty!?" discussions.  If we remember to turn it.

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