Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jewelry Frame

I am posting this for you, Net, since I keep forgetting to send you the pictures!

A while back (months if I know me, my thoughts need time to fester grow) I saw a picture where some innovative lady had taken a picture frame and cuphooks and combined them to make a fantastic jewelry hanger.  She took little pieces of wood and made a lattice inside the frame to designate space for bracelets and earrings and covered it like a medicine cabinet.  It was a breathtaking piece and amazingly detailed.  I desired it. 

But I'm lazier.

In March, on my birthday in fact, I made a great find at Hobby Lobby.  I discovered a plain, unpainted stretching frame on clearance for $17.00.  (Normally around $80!) Since it was my birthday I decided to buy it, paint it, and hang all my silly necklaces.  That week I painted it a great country blue (2 coats, no cat hair!) and sat it aside to work on something else.  There it stayed for over a month, lonely and blue.  (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Last week I found the perfect cuphooks and couldn't wait, I screwed 'em on (and of course I didn't have enough and have to order more) and hung the frame on the wall in my bedroom.  It never occurred to me to take pictures, so I am afraid there is only verbal documentation.  As beautiful as it was I realized something was missing- earrings!  I love matching necklaces and earrings.  So this week I went to Home Depot and purchased a length of chain to hang on the bottom!  The final result is nearly perfect!

The chain is a little long for the board but the dangly bits give it character.  I can't wait to get the rest of the hooks so I can space the necklaces out some! 

I did hang some bracelets up too, the ones with clasps.  Still have a plastic basket on my dresser with stretchy (and not stretchy!) loopy braclets.  At least they don't tangle up like the necklaces did.  And yes, I did have everything, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and the occasional hair tie in the same basket.  Wretched tangly nightmare in the morning so I usually went without wearing anything.  Getting to pick out the perfect accessories is fantastic.  Don't you just love functional wall art? 

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  1. It's AWESOME!!! So so so awesome! Misty is going to be jealous!