Ongoing Projects

Sometimes I start projects fully intending to finish them.  Months and even years go by without looking at them, occasionally losing them, and usually finding them and exclaiming "Oh!  I wondered where I put that."  By logging them here, online, I think it will be more difficult for me to ignore them.  Or at least pretend they're on their way to being finished . . .

Knitting **
Pink Fingerless Gauntlets (one finished)
Purple Socks (one half finished, turned)
White Scarf
Fire Silk Fingerless Gloves (one finished, second started)
Plarn Grocery Bags
Teal Lace Scarf   (Will post soon)

** All knitting currently on hiatus, more than likely through summer as I recover from having pinched my darn ulna nerve.  back online, even if it hurts. Can't stay away!

Purple and Gold Necklace
Red and Black Set
Silver and Black Watch Bracelet
Teal Charm Watch

Embroidery/Cross Stitch
Japanese Maiden
Girl in Corner with Dog
Kinkade Cinderella
Egyptian Duo

Project Bags (waiting on knitting reprieve) 
Fancy Aprons
Circle Skirts
Going through the Book

Sewing Dummy
Recycled Yarn Holders
Wall Art