Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SxS Mini Project 4: Continuous Bias Tape

Bias tape is an evil necessity.  Well, it has been evil.  Stores only carry certain colors and there is very little choice in fabric type or pattern.  That hasn't stopped people from making their own, however, and luckily there are teachers available.

I forgot to take "in-progress" pics of this because its so involving.  You take a fat quarter, cut it a particular diagonal, sew it together, press the seam, draw lines on the bias and then (and this is the hard part) you match one off lines so you get a continual piece, pin it, sew it, press the seam (of what is now a tube) and then cut it on the lines you drew earlier, right over your seams.  I know its a useful skill, but wow was it hard to get the lines pinned right- I repined it about eight times before I got to the machine and realized I pinned it backwards!  Luckily I got it right then or I'd have a lot of gingham donuts!

Here's a YouTube video demonstrating the technique, and here is a written tutorial for people who prefer to read. I recommend both; the video was a big help for getting it to make sense.  But hey, at least I'm free from never having matching bias tape!

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