The Cast

Now Appearing (Or Not):

The Star: Me! 

This is probably the best picture I have and was taken by my amazing friend Nettie just after the best haircut ever.  I never look amazing when I do my own hair!

The Man:

He prefers not to have pictures on the Internet so I respect that.  Its also why I refer to him as the man.  He is very tall, strong, broad-shouldered and basically yummy.  And he makes the most horrible puns man never dreamed of for fear woman would smack him with a pillow. 

The Cat: Bosco

Once upon a time Bosco was a tiny kitten.  Then he turned into a gigantic butterball!  He is definitely my baby and is pictured in his favorite position- mama's knee while she is crafting.  He loves it when I knit or embroider and is great at biting whatever I'm working with or lying on the yarn so I have to pet him.

Tiny Terrors: Bandit and Baka

Ah, the dogs.  Bandit (white) is the same size as the cat and Baka (tan) is smaller.  Bandit is a Border Collie / Corgi cross and Baka is a Shitzu. (We really try to keep him shaved, he sheds like mad!)  Their job is to bark at everyone regardless of the hour and terrorize the cat.  And yes, I know that Baka is Japanese for dummy.  Honestly, his name is Inu baka, or in English "Dumb dog."  Used to run into walls as a puppy but his coordination is much better now so he gets doorways 2 out of 3 times!