Saturday, April 14, 2012

Reflections on Morning Musings

This morning as I lay awake listening to the overweight cat beg for food I thought of the perfect first blog post.  I wrote it out in my head and repeated it several times, lying to myself about my ability to remember it.  The words flowed, the cadence was perfect!  There was humor, linguistic skill, deft phrasing!  And its gone because I got up to feed the cat.

Now this sounds like an overstatement.  It doesn't take that long to feed him, honestly, I just have to avoid tripping over him every half a second in the three feet between the bedroom and the bathroom, prevent him from knocking over the container while I scoop his meal and pour it into the bowl around his head as he tried to eat it before it leaves the scoop.  Every day, morning and night when I feed him we have this ritual.  It wouldn't bother me, except when the man feeds him the cat stays on the floor until the food is in the bowl. 

So my first blog post, instead of revolving around my thoughts for the blog in its entirety, will showcase the random thoughts that flood my mind when I am half asleep.  This morning's wisdom of the day?  Children don't respect their mother. 

Picking up pieces of kitty food and bouncing them off of Bosco's (cat) head, I reflected on this.  His purr reverberated through the bathroom, deafening me as I pondered how I let the fuzzy feline walk all over me.  The he looks up from his food, walks across the counter and headbutts me, right over my heart, and purrs louder.  I stopped wondering. 

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