Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh Monday . . .

Aren't Mondays wonderful?  They're nature's way of saying "Ha ha, slacker!  You partied all weekend and now you must pay!  Muahahahahaha!"  Only, I didn't party, just cleaned my backroom but nature is not listening.  It's true, women just don't get along that well!

Anywho, many tiny things in an imaginary bucket for you.  My bucket is blue, but you can make it a different color if you like.  (*Note, a delicious chocolate bar was in my fridge 30 minutes ago.  Was.)

Tiny Thing One:  I have added a projects page to the website so I can't get lazy and ignore projects.  I will update it as things are finished or new things are added, hopefully so I can look at it one day and say "Did I really do all of that?!"

Tiny Thing Two:  Forgive my nerd, I laughed hysterically at this:
It would be even better if it were a Squinkie Boba Fett.

Tiny Thing Three:  I have decided that it is now time to go through this book:

I've had it for a while, just sitting on my shelf.  Bought it for several reasons: I was afraid they would sell out and not have any more or if they did I would forget and because my sewing skills are far from polished.

Over time I am hoping to go through every page and work all the projects, but there are some that I might skip.  Once I've finished reading through it I will know more.  Hopefully.

I'm really looking forward to the home decor part, which makes me feel awfully retro-fem, but it still pales compared to the overwhelming joy that sweeps over me when I think "At last, I'll get rid of my fabric stash . . . and get to start again!"

Tiny Thing Four:  A Pinterest link!  Nutzo that I am, I realized I can add a Pinterest "page."  Genius, Blogger, just genius.

Having dumped the bucket out I shall refill it and return anon.  Is your bucket full?  Dump it in the comments and we'll have a party.

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