Saturday, July 7, 2012

Unexpected Absence

Life is full of rain barrels.  Sometimes they stay full and leave us alone.  Other times they leak and we spend a little time finding the leak and plugging it.  And yet other times the darn thing bursts and sweeps us away in a cascade of crazy.

I will post about the mats tomorrow (found my camera), I promise.  I meant to post them before but I developed a rather annoying case of bronchitis.  Coughing up a lung (or two) in June is fairly unpleasant, having to do it and work more so.  Other things happened, but I think being sick was probably the most notable.  It did make my personal trainer stop tormenting me, but now that I no longer resemble velcro I'll have to go back to the gym.  Lucky me?

Other new and exciting news: I'm going to start an Etsy shop!  I've been debating it for some time as it means a loss of time to accounting (my arch nemesis) and research but the long term benefits I think will make it worthwhile.  Any pearls of wisdom from you ladies who have shops?  I welcome your thoughts and stories- how do you handle all the legalities and the (inevitable) idiots?

The shop will concentrate on my jewelry more than the other projects but I don't want to define it so definitively at this stage.  Shame on me for not taking more pictures of the jewelry, but these are a few of the first pieces going up:

 Rose Gold with Swarovski glass pearls and opal bicone beads.  My apologies for the horrible pictures- these were taken with my phone to show a friend on my bead mat (brown felt, keeps silly beads from rolling and costs pennies).  There will be better ones this afternoon, once the sun comes around!

I would love advice, opinions and comments and I appreciate your time and thoughts.  Have a great weekend!

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